Digital Printed Signs or Vinyl Applied Signs: Which Should I Use?

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So a little bird told me you were thinking about getting new sign for your business. Good for you! But, it sounds like you’ve been having a rough time trying to figure out which is better for your business: digital printed signs or vinyl applied signs. Let me take a few minutes of your time to help you out.

Digital Printed Signs

Digital printed signs are also known as full color signs. What this means to you is that you can have whatever color you want and you can have as many as you want. This is generally a very good choice for companies that have multiple colors involved in their branding. It also works great for businesses that want a signs that really pops.

Just because digital printing is most commonly used as a solution for having specific or multiple colors, it doesn’t mean you can’t only have one basic color if you want. Another reason for having digital print is that when using the correct materials, it can actually be more durable. Here at Signarama we have a flatbed printer which will directly print onto the substrate. The printing is scratch resistant, and unlike vinyl, there is no way someone can peel off your graphics.

As for a downfall to digital printing, there is only one I can think of. IF you are planning on having multiple prints done at different times, the colors may not always be 100% identical. They will be extremely close, but there may be a small difference between the colors if you place the signs directly next to each other.

Vinyl Applied Signs

Vinyl applied signs are often known as one color signs, but they can also be used with multiple colors. The only issue with using multiple vinyl colors is the cost will be increased with each color used.

Really, there are only three reasons I can imaging using vinyl for your sign. The first is budget issues. The sign may not look as nice, but at least it will exist.

The second reason is if you need the colors to match 100% every time. Please realize if your sign is sitting in the sun, it will fade, and you won’t be able to match the colors anyway, so this reason varies.

The final reason is if you are using a premium vinyl such as chrome or metallic. We cannot print these colors, so if you want them, vinyl is the way to go. Honestly, this can make for one of the best looking signs, but it will come at a premium price. If you are going to use vinyl for your sign, this what I would recommend.

If you need more help learning about what would work best for you, visit our Signarama Troy showroom. We will be happy to help you find the best solution.

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