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Detroit Fleet Graphics…the way to stay in the eye of your consumer!

We all know the importance of advertising for our companies but many people are just starting to understand the best ways to do so.  Sure there are business cards, company filers, and even door to door face time, but in today’s busy life, fleet graphics are one of the best ways to get your business recognized.

Imagine sitting at a stop light waiting impatiently for it to turn green when you notice a truck pass buy with plumber graphics on the side of it, you grab your phone and dial the number on the side because your sink at home has that everlasting drip and you need it fixed.  Your problems are solved and you aren’t even to work yet…

Now picture being the owner of the plumbing company that just received a phone call from a guy sitting at a stop light that saw your vehicle drive by him leaving a previous job.  Him, being only one of the twenty at the intersection that saw it, called and booked an appointment for later that evening and just like that you have another job!

That is just one example of how fleet graphic can change your business, and build your reputation by your drivers just simply doing their jobs.

What are fleet graphics?

  • Fleet graphics are basically a uniform graphic that is applied to all of your company vehicles so they can gain exposure for your business while they are off company premises.
  • Fleet graphics by Signarama Detroit are vehicle graphics that can be applied and removed from any vehicle with no damage being done to the original components of the vehicle.
  • Fleet graphics can be as large and bold or small and subtle as you would like but either way they will make a statement to the customer.

What will fleet graphics do for your business?

  •  Whether you have two or one-hundred company vehicles; you’re a big trucking fleet or a small business, fleet graphics are the way to help boost recognition for your brand and stay in the eye of the consumers they service.
  • Fleet graphics will put your customers at ease when they see your vehicles pull into their driveways, because they have instant recognition of who you are.
  • Fleet graphics will keep your name out in the public eye all hours of the day as a constant reminder that your business is out there and ready to help.

At Signarama Troy we are here to help you get your business recognized.  Our team of fleet graphic specialists is ready and waiting to get started on wrapping your vehicles and make your advertising budget worth every penny!

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