How can coroplast yard signs help direct guests to your party?

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Do you have a graduation or a birthday in the near future and want the world to know where to celebrate?! Coroplast signs for graduation parties may be just what you need to point your guests in the right direction.

Coroplast signs are the perfect fit for events such as these because the possibilities are endless. Signarama has been specializing in coroplast signs for a decade. They have developed new technology that has cut the production time in half while creating a more polished look. Coroplast signs are not intended for long-term use however, if stored properly, they can be used more than once.

The standard size for a coroplast sign is 18 x 24 but Signarama has the ability to produce any custom size or shape you can dream of! You can purchase a single coroplast sign or different quantities such as 25, 50, 100 or even 1000 in a single order. If a larger quantity is purchased, each sign can be unique and different at no extra charge instead of ordering different sets of the same design.  Signarama has access to every color possible as well as a highly advanced design team that will bring your imagination to life!

The team at is excited to contribute to your memorable day. Please call   (248) 585-6880 to request a quote and further discuss your event.

graduation sign
Coroplast directional signage for local golf outing

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