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In the dynamic world of signage and design, few partnerships have stood the test of time and delivered such remarkable results as the collaboration between Signarama Troy and the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History. Led by Jeff Anderson, the Executive VP and COO of the Museum, this alliance has spanned an impressive six years, yielding a treasure of projects that contribute significantly to the museum’s mission of celebrating African American history and culture.

At the heart of the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History’s mission lies the desire to educate, inspire, and engage visitors with the rich tapestry of African American heritage. Signarama Troy has been a key partner in bringing this mission to life through a myriad of projects, ranging from exterior wall signs and directional signs to locker signs and elevator wraps.

Exterior view of the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit, Michigan

The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History typically introduces two new exhibits each year, necessitating the refreshment of their signage every six months. Often, these new signs convey messages to their core group of members. In this case, they were used to announce the new exhibition featuring the acclaimed costume designer, Rush Carter.

This fall, the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History proudly presents, Ruth E. Carter: Afrofuturism in Costume Design. This new exhibition features more than 60 of Ms. Carter’s original designs from films such as Black Panther, Wakanda Forever, Malcolm X, Selma, Do the Right Thing, and more. Her Academy Award winning work has defined generations and translates stories of race, politics, and culture.

“Our partnership with Signarama Troy has allowed us to go beyond traditional museum signage. They have turned our spaces into storytelling canvases, using mesh banners, pole banners, and more to captivate our visitors and grow our museum’s traffic,” says Jeff Anderson.

Elevator wraps may seem like a subtle detail, but in the world of museum design, subtlety can make a significant impact. Signarama Troy, in collaboration with the Museum, has transformed ordinary elevator doors into remarkable storytelling canvases. The Charles H Wright Museum uses elevator signage to convey messages about capital improvements. These wraps not only serve a functional purpose but also provide an immersive experience as visitors travel between the museum’s floors.

Mesh banners have proven to be an exceptional tool for increasing museum traffic and enhancing the visitor experience. These banners not only adorn the museum’s exterior but also serve as vibrant, informative displays. They create a visual impact, drawing attention from passersby and piquing curiosity, inviting them to step inside and explore the museum’s offerings.

The Museum of African American History understands the importance of making each visitor’s journey unique and memorable. Locker signs, crafted by Signarama Troy, play a crucial role in this endeavor. These signs offer a personalized touch, allowing visitors to stow away their belongings while immersing themselves in the museum’s exhibits.

The iconic Brush Street and Warren Avenue in Detroit serve as a historic canvas for Signarama Troy’s work. Pole banners, strategically placed along this avenue, not only add a touch of elegance to the cityscape but also act as visual invitations to explore the museum. These banners celebrate African American heritage and culture, inviting both locals and tourists to discover the museum’s treasures.

Beyond elevating the physical spaces of the museum, Signarama Troy’s partnership has fostered community engagement. By creating visually striking signage that tells the stories of African American history, this collaboration has ignited conversations and fostered a sense of belonging among visitors. It has transformed the museum into a hub of cultural exchange and understanding.

As we reflect on the journey of collaboration between Signarama Troy and the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History, one thing is clear: this partnership is not just about signage; it’s about bringing history to life. With each project, they have etched a legacy of creative excellence, passion for storytelling, and a shared commitment to preserving African American heritage. This partnership continues to evolve, enriching the museum experience and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of visitors.

Signarama Troy’s dedication to enhancing museum experiences through elevator wraps, mesh banners, locker signs, and pole banners is a testament to the power of design and storytelling. Under the leadership of Jeff Anderson, the Executive VP and COO of the Charles H Wright Museum of African American History, this partnership has thrived, ensuring that the museum remains a beacon of knowledge, inspiration, and cultural celebration for years to come. It is a story of creativity, community, and a shared passion for preserving and sharing African American history.

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