Raceway Color Options for Channel Letters

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Today’s topic of discussion is raceways. No, no, not places like Daytona or Talladega, we’re talking channel letter raceways and the colors they  are available  in. If this is your first electric sign purchase, a raceway is an option for mounting channel letters to the front of your place of business. It is a box that comes in various sizes, but is roughly 5 X 8 inches and varies in length depending how long your sign is. It serves two functions; one is for mounting the letters to, and the other houses the transformer or power supply needed for the lighting of the sign.

Channel Letter Raceways can come in many colors to help make them disappear against the front of the building they are being mounted to or you could use the raceway as an accent color as well. The materials can be ordered in a variety of standard colors or, if needed, they can be custom color matched and painted per landlord or architect’s specifications.

As confusing and overwhelming as a channel letter sign purchase may seem, let our expert sales and design staff here at Signarama Detroit ease the process and help you pick the sign and raceway color that is right for you!

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