Tips & Tricks To Designing Car Wraps For Michigan Companies

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We’ve all seen them before—vehicles emblazoned with their company’s logo and accompanying information. And if you’re unfortunate enough to be sitting in traffic, hungry and staring at a vehicle that works in the food industry, you might already know just how effective vehicle wraps can be. But if you’re a business owner thinking about taking the plunge into this type of marketing and advertising, you might want some suggestions on how to pull it off (or rather paste it on). So here are some tips we hope will help business owners land great car wraps for Michigan vehicles in all different types of industries. 

Go big or go home

While it may be a matter of opinion, an actual car wrap might give you a better overall look than a simple magnetic plaque. Sometimes, a plaque can look a little less-than. But a full-car wrap can envelop your vehicle in a colorful and eye-catching display. 

Design well

Here’s a helpful tip to create something that actually looks good. Do not skip the design phase. Sure, you want to get that car wrap project rolling as soon as possible. But don’t sacrifice quality on the altar of speed. 

Instead, take your time to design a wrap that will reward your time, effort, and money abundantly. Think carefully about the fonts you use and the colors. If you don’t have a logo, consider whether now’s the time to get one—then it can be part of your vehicle’s branding. In short, if you’re going to do it, do it well.  

Branding and design

And if this seems a little outside of your skillset, rope in some professionals. You can even see if your Michigan sign company offers design services. 

Think about your location

Not all locations will provide the same environmental factors for your car wrap. Southern states have different weather than northern states, for instance. Let’s look at some factors that could affect your car wrap in the great state of Michigan.

Winter, snow, salt, and ice

When it comes to car wraps for Michigan, here’s one thing to keep in mind—the weather. More specifically, might snow, ice, and their attendant road treatments impact your vehicle wrap? 

We know that cars in states with a lot of salt-treated roads may tend to experience more rust. Could the treated roads negatively affect your vehicle’s beautiful new wrap? 

Snow itself is also a consideration. You know the drill—you come outside and discover that inches…okay, maybe feet…of snow have fallen while you slept. Now you need to clean off that vehicle and deice the windshield before you can pull out of your parking space.  

Stow away from snow

Here are some steps you can take to protect your vehicle wrap. First—an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you keep your vehicle where it can’t get snowed on, then you’ll be able to prevent snow from settling on it in the first place. The upside to this is that you don’t have to brush off the snow. 

However, of course, that’s not always feasible. So when you do have to clean snow off your vehicle, use caution and gentleness. You don’t want to scratch or scrape your graphics. Some recommend that you steer clear of scrapers and shovels. 

Wash away salt

Snow on vehicles

It’s not as though you can prevent your vehicle and its wrap from coming into contact with salt. Unless you want to leave it in a garage all winter (and we assume you don’t). But what you can do is clean the salt off after the fact. That way it won’t be sitting on the vehicle’s surface too long. 

Car wraps for Michigan—take your message to the streets

Your vehicle’s graphics are a great way to take your message with you wherever you go. Plus, they can make it easy for people to identify who you work for. Your vehicle can be a driving advertisement for your services. You never know—maybe a dog owner in the car next to needs the mobile grooming services you offer, for instance.  Or maybe someone will see your wrapped trailer parked at a rest stop and visit your website to learn more about what you do. 

Mastermind a splendid sign

As we said before, give your vehicle graphics some thought before diving in. Plus, learning about signs generally could also give you some good ideas when it comes to car wraps for Michigan. Get started with our 6 Elements You Must Include On Your Sign | Tips On Layout & Design

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