Banners: Why Use Them For Your Detroit Business?

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So you own a Detroit business, and are looking for a way to keep ahead of the competition. There are many different promotional ideas, but have you ever considered banners?

Advantages of Using Banners

  • Affordable – Many times we hear that one of the biggest setbacks to Detroit business signage is the cost for the materials. With banners, the materials needed cost a good deal less than a regular sign.
  • Portable – As opposed to our rigid substrates, banners can be easily rolled up (Always roll; never fold!) so they can be stored and transported fairly easily. Each time you place your banner in a new area, you can reinforce your Detroit brand.
  • Temporary — Banners work great for trade shows and other events where you need a quality temporary sign. Obviously, you will never want to go without permanent exterior signage, such as channel letters, but placing a banner as a temporary placeholder often works well to begin showing off your brand.
  • Durable – Additionally, the banner material we use is high-quality so while being temporary, they are also extremely durable and can withstand being outdoors for periods of time.
  • Easier — With some cities, you can hang a temporary banner without needing a permit, giving you savings in time and money. Also, installation is considerably easier than with standard signage. We will often add metal grommets to the corners of the banner so you can install the banner yourself, saving you from installation costs.
  • Quicker Turnaround — As opposed to some of our building signs where a lot of effort needs to go into constructing the sign, we are able to simply print your banner. Normally, the turn around time of a banner is 3-5 days, but many times we can get it done faster!

As you can see, there are many advantages to having a banner for your Detroit business.

Our experts at Signarama are always willing to help your get started. We will show you the differences between full color and one color banners, along with size examples. Drop by our showroom today to help your business stand out about the competition!

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