An in depth look at LED lighting for signs

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LED   stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is basically a semiconductor that produces light. LED’s first were introduced  in 1962 and mainly came in the red, but today the colors are endless. LED lighting is widely used and can be found in aerospace, automotive, marine, architectual  and even household lighting.

Up front cost of LED’s could be considered  on the expensive side, but with the electrical operating costs being near 10% of what it costs to run neon, the costs can be recouped fairly quickly. You won’t be limited to a few standard colors with LED’s either like you are with neon. Lets say you have certain colors on the front of you building, you decide to paint and update the look of your building, but your red neon will no longer go with the updates. Now when you run a module inline with your LED’s you can change from red to blue with the push of a button!

Signarama has been using LED lighting methods for our channel letters for over 5 years. We have extensive experience with multiple brands of LED’s and can absolutely troubleshoot any problems your existing channel letter signs might be having.

LED’s are also an excellent solution to replace your neon in your existing channel letter signs.

LED’s have an extremally long bulb life (100,000 + hours), require very little power (12 volts) to run and are extremely durable. LED’s can be run over with a car, submerged in water, and operate under extremely cold temperatures. These reasons and more are why more and more municipalities are converting many street lights and traffic signals over to LED.

Whether you are looking for Neon or an LED lit sign, let our expert staff at Signarama Detroit design and build a sign that is right for you!

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