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Yeah, we know. It’s January, but it’s been a rather interesting January. Just a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t wearing a coat. It actually hit 60 degrees in Detroit! With this interesting weather we’ve had, if you own a downtown Royal Oak or Rochester business, consider putting some quality signage out front for people walking by on the sidewalks, such as our A-frame sidewalk signs.

Sidewalk signs are great to use in walker-friendly downtown locations. If you are looking for a quick way to give your business an added boost on those nice-weather days, our signacades are for you.

When looking at the various A-frame signacade options, we recommend two of them. The first is just a standard double-sided A-frame that displays your graphics on both sides. It’s a great way to add a little color to the sidewalk and hopefully give your business another customer.

The second option is a premium solution, where you are provided with letters to form your own daily or weekly messages. It also includes a locking cover to prevent people for modifying your message. We also include a branded header of your company so it shows your business’ personality.

So, if you are in a downtown location and are interested in generating more business on those nicer days, stop on by and ask about our A-frame sidewalk signs. We’ll make sure you get the sign you need!

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