5 Tips for Creating Effective and Engaging Signs

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Nothing works harder in getting the attention you want like a good sign.

Storefront signs are viewed 50 to 60 times per month by people who live within five miles of a location. And, since the sign is up 24/7/365, it’s constantly marketing the business. A custom-wrapped work vehicle parked down the street is a good way to find the electrician needed for projects around the house. An A-frame sign outside of a church reminds people to sign up for an upcoming Vacation Bible School. A banner flag outside of a favorite restaurant lets people know there’s delivery and carryout.

Simply put, signs connect people to services and products they want and need. Signarama Troy wants to help your business use the power of signage to reach customers and clients. 

Here are five tips on how to put your best sign forward.

Macomb County Michigan Government Building Sign

1. Stay business focused

Ever pass a billboard and wonder who exactly is advertising? We’ve seen that before — and, as sign experts, can say that’s not a good sign.

Unbranding surfaced as a marketing trend a couple years ago; it’s an effort for companies to be intriguing and look less commercial — but consumers weren’t buying. If your business has a message to send out,  people naturally want to know who you are so they can make their best purchasing decision.

Bottom line: Make sure your business name and brand is well represented in your signs. If people like what they see, they will want to find you.

Lobby Signs

2. Have some color

Color can help convey your brand’s identity. Studies show that 80% of the trademark or logo recognition is because of color.  If you see a blue oval, you might think of Ford. Prominent use of red and white together brings to mind Target or Coca-cola. So it’s important to use a color scheme that reminds people of your business. Don’t have a color palette yet? Look at the psychology of colors to help choose a primary color and a couple secondary colors to use when representing your brand.

Another important consideration: Don’t choose trendy colors to be trendy (we are speaking to you, 1990s Taco Bell) unless the colors genuinely represent your business. Going too trendy might impact the longevity of your static signage. 

Need a helping hand with design elements that best represent your business? Signarama experts can guide you through concepts, designs, and the sign options that will work best for you.

3. Get your message across

Sign writing is best when it’s short and sweet: What is the key message you want people to know?

Let’s do a writing exercise. Write down what you want your clients or customers to know. Look at what you wrote down for three seconds. Did you see the message you want your audience to receive? If you did, way to be amazing. If not, think about how you can give that message in a short, snappy way. Give it another try.

Here’s an example: The owner of a  family-owned construction company writes down, “Dad started the company in 1965. We’ve done thousands of jobs since opening and have experience in commercial and residential. We don’t do cookie cutter work and come up with unique plans depending on the customer’s needs.” That’s a good starting point; but needs shortened.

One option for sign-ready copy is: “Expert advice. Custom solutions. Since 1965.” Now add a logo and contact information. Your true-to-you message is now ready for signs, vehicle graphics, marketing materials, and promotional products (like a magnet or pen for customers who get a consultation).

4. Be consistent

Brand consistency gives businesses a competitive advantage because repeating use of the same colors, typeface, messaging and logo in your signs helps people remember you, presents your business as professional and, over time, builds trust. It shows your business cares about attention to detail and thinks before acting.

1-800 Law Firm Building Sign

5. Call people to action

A fast food billboard tells people to get off at the next exit and go right. A museum advertises a family membership and gives the website to buy one. A small business offers curbside pickup to comply with social distancing mandates and wants you to check out their online store.

So what is it that you want people to do? Use your sign to tell them.

There are more than 700 Signarama shops nationwide that are working to elevate company brands through thoughtfully designed, expertly fabricated and safely installed signs. Partner with Michigan’s premier sign team today.

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