Do you need your store hours displayed on your glass doors? The most common type of window graphics include a business name, logo or slogan, and hours that are prominently displayed on the front window or door. Our custom window graphics can be made to fit nearly any space, any size, any color including full color, and any style.

Window graphics can be applied in several different ways. Most window graphics are applied to the outside of glass. Alternatively, they can also be applied to the inside of glass while maintaining the integrity of the verbiage as viewed from the outside.

You can also put window graphics on nearly any vehicle with our vehicle graphics.

What is Window Perf?

The beauty of Window Perf is that it is incredibly low tech, comprised of 50% vinyl and 50% holes. Human eyes absorb light reflected from objects. When someone looks at the image on your window, their eyes absorb the light being reflected off of the printed image. The holes cannot be seen. The graphic looks like a solid image!

The sticky side of the graphic which faces the glass, is black. Looking out from the inside of a building or vehicle, your eyes absorb light reflected off objects outside, such as buildings, cars, trees, etc. Your eyes blend the black material on the inside with the images seen through the holes, creating the illusion that there is nothing on your window. The resulting effect will amaze you! These graphics apply to the outside of the window and will not effect, or be effected by window tints of factory window defrosters equipped on vehicles.

Etched Glass

Did you know etched or frosted glass has similar light infraction features as Window Perf? SIGNARAMA’s Etched or Frosted Glass is self adhesive silver film with the appearance of real etched glass. The fine detailed textured is perfect for logo displays. Etched Glass can be cut to any shape, text, or logo. Visit our showroom in Troy, MI to view the real deal.