From the very beginning, our company vision at SIGNARAMA Troy has always been to focus on customers first by building the most attentive, talented, service-driven team of employees available in Michigan. We strive to build a fun, creative work environment that is always focused on high-quality and eye-opening sign projects.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with dozens of quality Metro Detroit creative folks, and are very proud to have built the strongest sign team available for our diverse client groups.

Even though our local stores are independently owned and operated, we are immensely proud to be a part of the largest sign franchise in the world, with over 800 locations in 55+ countries. This elite organization has given us the highest level of training and support available in the entire sign industry. Many of our staff have received additional training and education programs that have helped to expand their sign knowledge even further.

Would you like to learn a little more about our amazingly talented sign staff?

Bob Chapa

Hatched out of a giant egg wearing rainbow suspenders in a 1980’s sitcom, Bob’s true claim to fame is his brief stint as an Amish wedding singer in New Mexico. Proud of his achievements in the “Mimes for the Blind”, a Ray Charles coverband, he is known for singing loudly in the restroom. Bob starts every single work day by playing the MacGyver theme song with a rubber band, paper clip and a bubble gum wrapper.

  • Title: Gardner (Out standing in his field)
  • Rookie Year: 1999
  • Favorite Type of Sign: Channel Letters & Wall Wraps

Mike Stephens

Former member of the boy band “Black Street” and writer of the chart topping single “See a doctor and get rid of it”, Mike’s Red Bull addiction forced him to leave the band and go on sabbatical to the Amazon. After fifteen years of seclusion, Mike is finally working on his first solo single, “Opa!”.

  • Title: Outside Sales
  • Rookie Year: 2000
  • Favorite Type of Sign: Box Signs & Monument Signs

Don Baldino

Seen locally driving a DeLorean to work every day and screaming about 1.21 Gigawatts and vinyl squeegees, Don is the fearless leader of our Production Team and a master chef at our local soup kitchen. Often confused in public with Dog the Bounty Hunter, Don has become used to signing autographs as “Dog”. His wife fell in love with his legendary sheep shearing skills.

  • Title: Production Manager
  • Rookie Year: 2005
  • Favorite Type of Sign: Vehicle Wraps & Bathroom Signs

Suzanne Brogan

Leader of the all female biker gang the Vagilantees, Suzanne once wrestled a penguin that escaped from the Detroit Zoo. Known in certain circles as “Summer”, she is proud of her giant beach ball collection. Obsessed with drinking out of the Tittabawassee River, Summer glows a bright orange at sunset.

  • Title: Office Manager
  • Rookie Year: 2008
  • Favorite Type of Sign: Channel Letters

Torey L. Stade

Born and raised in a small cow town in northern Michigan… Torey has huge aspirations to become Paws, the mascot for the Detroit Tigers. She once traveled to Paris, and was overwhelmed by all the Parisites. Guilty of buying Christian Louboutin red sole shoes from the guy driving a windowless van in Downtown Detroit, she once fought off a mugger with a handful of Cajun peanuts.

  • Title: Inside Sales
  • Rookie Year: 2011
  • Favorite Type of Sign: Pop up Tradeshow Displays

Seth Alling

Nationally known as the guy who got stuck in the birth canal (an extremely small part of a cave in Utah), he survived the experience with all his limbs and an appreciation for contortionists. Around the office he goes by “Spider” due to his web-savvy skills and the fact that he only has eight fingers. He continues to wow the Food Network with his mean Sloppy Joe recipe, and refuses to pass along the secret ingredients.

  • Title: Graphic Designer
  • Rookie Year: 2012
  • Favorite Type of Sign: Cheer Cards

Vern Blevins

His former career as a cocktail waitress at Treasure Island in Vegas, Vern never spends a day without reciting his favorite pirate quote “Red beard went down on the deep blue sea and became marooned… Arrrrrrr!”. Roller disco champion of Nebraska in 1984, he can be seen reliving his glory days wearing his spandex outfit to work on Fridays.

  • Title: Production
  • Rookie Year: 2012
  • Favorite Type of Sign: Banners

Ryan Breuhan

Known as “Bright Eyes” to his coworkers, Ryan is always locked in a staring contest with any neon sign that crosses his path. President of the Michigan Chapter of the Jolly Rancher Society, he swears that he only wears pink pants in private. (We know better.) Thrice convicted of jaywalking, he has spent the last decade developing his own special flying suit to cross the street and avoid the police.

  • Title: Fabricator
  • Rookie Year: 2012
  • Favorite Type of Sign: Anything that lights up