One great way to make the digital prints from SIGNARAMA really “POP” is to add light by using interior light boxes!

Slimline light box displays, also known as backlit signs, can quickly brighten up your retail showroom or museum displays. An interior light box is a great way to increase sales for your top products or to upgrade your window displays. Additionally, they improve the visibility and readability for your customers.

Interior light boxes come in many different sizes and shapes. We can custom produce square, rectangle or circle light boxes. It is a very cost effective merchandising solution. By using LED technology, we can provide you with consistent lighting while utilizing less power, helping you save money as well. As the technology with LED lighting advances, we are able to offer some of the lightest and slimmest light boxes available.

Types of Interior Light Boxes

  • Snap Frame Lightboxes
  • Double Sided
  • Hanging Displays
  • Counter Displays
  • Pedestals
  • Wall Mounted Displays

Whether you are using your light box to lighten the insides of your lobby, or to help attract customers from off the street, you really can’t go wrong with this type of signage. For more information about how SIGNARAMA Troy can brighten up your displays, call us at 248-585-6880.