IMG00050-20091022-1445The future of the sign industry is here with electronic digital signs!

Imagine mounting a sign on your wall that changes as often as you want it to. Imagine a sign that is up-to-date all day, every day. Live weather, news, traffic, everything! What if you could perform corporate training across the globe without ever leaving your office?

The time of electronic digital signage is upon us, bringing fresh and easily editable sign content. The hardware has become very affordable, and the multitude of software options truly gives unlimited options.

A few great examples of electronic digital signage:

  • A retail store lobby sign with content changed from corporate offices, allowing updated sales advertisements and videos
  • Digital menu boards perfect for independent restaurant owners looking for an edge on the competition
  • Medium to large franchise groups looking for that opportunity to not only update prices and products, but also advertisements in-store WITHOUT ever shipping signs again
  • Corporate conference rooms for staff training and meetings with a “green” solution that eliminates the need to travel to each office.
  • An outdoor advertising solution that can be updated anytime

The concept of electronic digital signage sounds complicated, but the sign experts at Sign-A-Rama have spent the last few years researching and developing solutions for all your needs.

What Do You Need For An Electronic Digital Sign?


Plasma and LCD screens—commercial grade of course—are the major element. Bigger isn’t always better, but it sure does stand out in a crowd when it comes to full color sign displays!


With dozens of solutions available, Sign-A-Rama knows exactly which software application is perfect for your needs. From sports bars to office environments, we are equipped to handle your needs.


Perhaps the biggest component, the design and content of your graphics is a major element for this type of sign to be effective. We have incredibly talented graphic designers on our team who have spent a tremendous amount of time focusing on the different elements of digital signage.


It is important not only for the finishing touches, but it also completes your warranty needs. With a professional installation, your system brings a 5-year warranty on all television elements. Did we mention it is onsite? If absolutely anything happens to your screen, a certified Samsung repair technician will visit onsite to solve the problem.

Monthly subscription

In order to update the content on-the-fly, receive live data, and refresh the content… you will need a monthly Internet subscription. This is the final element that not only allows you to login and change the prices or content on your business sign, but also allows us to login and send amazing designs and video advertisements right to your screen!