Post & panel outdoor directional signs… what in the world are those?

The truth is, you probably passed over 50 of them on the way into the office this morning. Post & Panel Directional Signs come in an unlimited amount of sizes and shapes, but are quite possibly one of the most impactful types of signs you use every day.

When you are pulling into the bank for a quick teller deposit or into the drive-thru of your favorite fast food chain, you use directional post & panel signs to form that perfect line that keeps things moving smoothly.

SIGNARAMA Troy has an exceptional amount of experience when it comes to designing and fabricating the perfect directional sign for your needs. We produce these signs in our fabrication facility in Troy, Michigan and are happy to discuss all of the options available in the largest sign showroom in Michigan.

All of the post & panel directional signs we produce are made from aluminum, eliminating any possible rusting or aging. They are perfect for site identification signs, wayfinding signs and campus identification signs. They are easy to customize to fit any configuration, including flat mount, ceiling mount, wall mount and double post installation. We also have decorative posts and caps available to make your directional sign stand out.

We can produce these signs to light up at night, but the most common type of directional sign is non-lit.

Give us a call to help develop your concept!