Chapa 2008 518Channel letters are the most common type of illuminated building signs. From simple designs to custom halo-lit stainless steel letters, SIGNARAMA is fully prepared to handle your project. Our many years of experience have earned us a fantastic portfolio of happy clients with gorgeous signs.

We have heavily invested in our industries state-of-the-art automated channel letter equipment, and are proud to be the one of the only franchised sign locations in the world to have the Accu-Bend Channel Letter system. This automated equipment has allowed us to be even more competitive with lower prices, while offering a premium quality product. The Accu-Bend channel letter machine has also cut our fabrication time in half!

From Fantastic Fabrication to Impeccable Installation!

Channel letters are typically built with metal backs and sides, an acrylic face to light well at night, and one of two forms of lighting on the inside. Neon is the “old school” solution, eventually requiring servicework and part replacement. SIGNARAMA of Metro Detroit has embraced the new lighting solution that LED’s have brought to our industry. After years of research and testing, we know all of the best LED lights to provide the best solution for lighting all of our channel letters. With over 100,000 hours of guaranteed lighting, and an average electric savings of 15% per year to our clients, we are confident that LED lighting is the best solution available today. Depending on the scope of the project, we also install Samsung LED’s, GE Tetra LED’s, JT LED’s and Sloan LED’s in our channel letter signs.

We have built hundreds of channel letter signs installed in Metro Detroit and all over the country. From 1-800-LAW-FIRM in Southfield, to Sylvan Learning Center in Livonia, to Blue Apron Bakery in South Lyon, to Kelly Services in Troy, to EmbroidMe in Farmington Hills, we are proud to have helped many businesses solidify their place in Michigan.

Channel Letter Parts

The parts to channel letters are simple… yet produce a VERY effective storefront sign for your business!

Acrylic Face

  • Red, white, yellow, clear, and much more!
  • We even have a special solution, black during the day & white at night!
  • Full-color digital print onto translucent vinyl


  • Glued to the acrylic face, and then mounted to the sides (returns)
  • Multiple colors, usually chosen to compliment the acrylic face colors
  • Premium colors, chrome gold and silver, brushed metal are available to “jazz” up your sign


  • These are the sides of the channel letters and come in many colors (red, black, white etc.)


  • The custom fabricated metal tracking that channel letters are mounted to so that the install requires fewer holes in the wall
  • We expertly paint the raceway to match the wall color so that it is barely even noticed
  • All electrical wiring is housed inside the raceway, allowing us to protect the wiring and conceal everything

LED lighting

  • LED’s are the state of the art solution for lighting our electric channel letter signs.
  • Our LED’s are all low-voltage, using less than 10% of the energy consumption of old school neon.
  • Because it is low-voltage, the wiring is simpler and typically will not have any shorts or electrical issues allowing for a long worry-free life for your sign
  • Our LED’s are guaranteed to last for 10,000 hours! That is over TEN YEARS of being continuously left on! (dont forget we always set timers to shut off your sign for approximately 18 hours a day!

We are the only sign company in Michigan that loves giving tours of our fabrication facility to each and every customer. Please stop by our Troy, Michigan facility and check out how we build top-notch channel letters with impeccable quality!