Thank you for choosing Sign-A-Rama Troy/Madison Heights for your sign and graphics project! We are excited to make your project a complete success with our graphic design services. To provide you with the highest level of quality and finished product, we will need your files in a few specific file formats at certain size specifications. Below are a few simple guidelines of the types of files that we can work with.

Vector Artwork

  • Simply put, vector graphics are line drawings of your logo or sign graphics
  • The file size is generally smaller
  • Allows us to scale your image any size without losing quality!
  • Smooth edges with crisp text
  • Necessary for any vinyl plotting (contour cut graphics)

Vector File Formats

  • .ai – Adobe Illustrator
  • .eps – Encapsulated Postscript
  • .pdf – Adobe Acrobat

Raster Artwork

  • Photographs, images, anything printed!
  • Raster artwork is pixel based, and can only be saved to a certain level of quality
  • We can always shrink your photographs without losing quality, but enlarging them will create fuzziness
  • Used for wraps, murals, certain types of logos
  • Generally we have to recreate your raster graphics into vector for larger printing and quality purposes

Raster File Formats

  • .jpg – JPEG (saved in a number of programs, Adobe Photoshop etc)
  • .bmp – Bitmap
  • .tiff – Tiff (also saved in a number of programs, Adobe Photoshop etc, higher quality)

Vector vs. Raster:

  • Vector artwork is generally preferred for our sign projects because we can scale it to any size without losing the quality of the image. The crispness of the lines and especially the text remain clean at any size.
  • Vector artwork works well when transferring via email or from one computer program to another because it is such a universal file.
  • Raster images are usually “taken” from webpages because that is where people find them. Unfortunately, they when those images were saved for the website you found it on they were usually purposefully saved as small as possible so the website would load faster. This makes for a poor quality image when it comes to printing for a sign. We need BIG FILES!

What makes for a BAD VECTOR FILE?

  • Unfortunately you cannot resave a raster image into any of our vector formats. Life just isn’t that simple! Trained graphic design gurus like the ones at Sign-A-Rama recreate your image node by node!
  • Missing fonts are the worst part about vector files! If the file is converted to outlines before it is saved, we are ready to take your file to the masses. If you (or whomever setup the file for you) forgot to convert to lines and didn’t attach the necessary fonts, we get a big ‘ole error message when opening up the file, and unfortunately are stuck if it is a unique font.

What size raster file do we need?

  • If you are saving your .jpg or .tif for us, please reach these specifications for the best performance: 150dpi @ full scale, CMYK color profile

Don’t have the right type or size file?

Don’t worry!

We also provide logo rebuilding and plenty of amazing creation services. Call 248-585-6880 for help!