Building Signs For
Your Business

Custom Designed Building Signs

There are many types of building signs, & our team at Signarama Metro Detroit has seen (& built) them all!

Building signs draw attention to your place of business in more ways than just identifying your location. Although an exterior sign is essential in assisting the customer by directing them to the correct place, exterior signs also can help differentiate your company from others on the street, serving as a marketing piece as well. Here at Signarama Metro Detroit we understand the importance of strengthening your company's identity within the first glance.

Put yourself in your customers shoes & ask yourself "Would I buy from this company?"

In our society, we put a great effort into forming a good first impression. We're taught that we should be ready to show our best at all times. Exterior building signs provide your customer with a first impression of your company, & that alone is worth its weight in gold! A well-designed sign that contains your company's logo will reinforce your brand & you will soon make your mark in your industry.

Building signs are attached to the place of business. There are many different types of building signs such as:

Box Signs Channel LettersIlluminated Sign CabinetsRigid Aluminum Sign PanelsPlastic Formed LettersCustom Routed SignsWindow GraphicsNeon& More!

Whether you bring in your company's logo, need to work on rebranding your company, or need a logo all together, the sales & design team here at Signarama of Troy can help you with your project from start to finish! Our team of experts are ready to help find the best solution for your new building sign!