Pantone Printing – What does it mean?

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Like most people who stop in to our shop who have a logo they are trying to pull colors from, we often ask do you have your Pantone Printing colors set. With faces of confusion and minds thinking about ” What the heck is a Pantone? It sounds like cooking equipment and why would I need to cook my logo colors?” We often pull out the rainbow colored Pantone deck and match the colors as close as possible to the logo that the customer is presenting us. Why is that deck so important to the printing world? Why is Pantone Printing so important to us?

First off – More than liking you are getting a ton of signs, business cards and websites with your logo on them for your business. The Pantone process makes sure that your are getting the exact color combinations from each source. You made get your Sign and business cards from Signarama and your website from a local SEO website guru. Now making sure the color in your logo is not turning from purple to pink or orange to red you use Pantone color process. This process allows the purple you wanted to use be the same creative color everything in the printing process. Purple is not called purple but Pantone 2603 C, one of the many shades of purple with in the Pantone process. You will notice with no question that you will get the same color every time when you use a different source for printing your logo. No more pink or crazy shades of purple. You will get Pantone 2603 C for all your Pantone Printing needs.

So stop the guessing and allow Signarama to help you pick out the best Pantone colors for your logo and get out of the mess of matching colors every time you need something printed.

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