LED vs Neon for Electric Signs

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Lately here at Signarama, we have had a ton of returning customers who want to update their neon channel letter sign to a more energy saving LED. They often ask the question why is LED vs Neon so much better?

Since the start of channel letters, we were always told neon was the best fit for any type of channel letter due to the high cost of LED. It wasn’t until about five years ago when neon became the more expensive option and LED was the new leader for a faster & cheaper channel letter sign.  Below are some helpful hints to see if you are ready for an update on your neon channel letters  or what you should use for that new sign you are looking to invest in.  Why is LED a better option for any channel letter sign.

LED Vs Neon

• LED is the less fragile option with neon you are much more use to breakage in both installation and weather.

• LED has a much lower fee on your utility bill, the smaller transformer and efficient light source has a smaller effect on the electricity. Most current LED lights use only 10% of the electricity of common neon lighting.

• LED has a more of cone shape to its directed light – the more the focused source of light the brighter the channel letter will be. Neon has a illumination from all sides of the tube  and the light does not have a focus to where it should shine.

• LED does not contain mercury in which neon does. You can consider LED a much more GREEN product compared to neon.

• LED is a much safer to install, service, & maintain. LED is normally powered by 12 volts DC, where neon tends to have a higher electrical hazard potential.

Looking over the adavantages of LED – you should have a clearer focus on if you should update your neon channel letter sign to LED the better, greener and safer option for your business. If you are still not clear on the way LED vs Neon is a better option. Stop in and see the Signarama crew and we will help you see the other advantages to the LED vs Neon.

Signarama has replaced hundreds of channel letters that were once neon lit with our new high quality LED sign lighting. Our clients throughout Metro Detroit have all been able to see tremendous energy savings after our service technicians left their site!

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