Wayfinding signs are defined as a series of comprehensive signs that collaborate together through consistent design and layout to provide a unique and straightforward approach to “finding your way” through a large city area or campus location.

We specialize in this type of design and organization. We also have various types of signs that we introduce when our clients need a solid wayfinding sign package anywhere in Metro Detroit.

Types of Wayfinding Signs

Indoor Directional Signs

  • Direct visitors through your office or building with signage and directories that are easy-to-read
  • Inform customers and improve traffic flow

Outdoor Directional Signs

  • Point traffic, control parking and direct people where they need to go while enhancing your brand
  • Improve accessibility of your business by having signage that is ADA compliant

Our Detroit sign experts know that wayfinding signs need to complement the architecture so they do not detract or overwhelm the visitors. Doing this helps the signage become an a integral part of your brand as well as the architecture of your location.

Whether you are a local University or a Municipal City looking to increase your visibility by way of clean, concise signage… our team at SIGNARAMA can help with your wayfinding signs.