Menu Boards are one of the most important types of signs for any type of independently owned restaurant, coney island and fast food restaurant in Detroit.

SIGNARAMA Troy provides many menu board solutions that meet all budgets. If you are a multi-location restaurant group or a brand new concept restaurant about to be launched we have the right solution for you.

Types of Menu Boards

Static printed menus:

  • Perfect for Detroit area restaurants that have long-standing menus that are rarely changed and other locations with fixed menu items
  • Snap-frames are a great option for static menus because they allow you to quickly change your specials and pricing by meal or time of the year
  • Fixed printed menu boards are the least expensive type of menu sign available

Dry erase menu boards:

  • SIGNARAMA can digitally print any menu with full-color food photos and a special dry erase laminate where all the prices are listed, allowing you to change the prices as needed
  • Many restaurants and bars have a “special of the day” that requires hand written menus and SIGNARAMA has numerous illuminated dry erase menu signs available

Digital Screen Menu Boards:

  • Perhaps the ultimate in menu signs, our digital menu sign screens allow you to customize your menu screens by time of the day, special menu items and even change the prices as often as you like by logging in to our web-service
  • It is very easy to update your menu with fantastic photographs and even video!
  • Subscriptions do apply for all digital signage, but it is truly amazing to see your restaurant menu in video format on the screen!