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Ecostar Renovations LLC has been serving Southeast Michigan for over 15 years. Their experienced team handles any renovation need whether inside of outside of your home. In the event of an emergency their staff is on call 24/7 to aid you immediately.

When replacing a Lexan sign panel in an existing illuminated sign cabinet it is also the best time to do any service work on the sign. Prior to installing the new sign panel you can change the lamps, ballast, or even fix any wiring issues that there might be within the sign. This was the case with Ecostar’s sign at their new location in Troy. Upon our initial site survey, we knew something was wrong with the sign as only half of the sign was lighting up. Our original assumption was that a ballast needed to be replaced. Once we removed the old face it was more than just a ballast that needed to be changed….the sockets were fried and the wiring was not run to code. So we re-wired the sign, replaced the sockets, changed all the lamps, and even replaced the 2 other ballasts.

With all service work done within illuminated wall sign cabinet and new Lexan panel with Transulent vinyl graphics the sign was basically brand new.

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