Dickinson West Elementary Schools is an elementary school in Hamtramck in partnership with local parents and the multi-cultural community, dedicated to education in a safe, supportive and caring environment so that each individual positively contributes knowledge, skills, values, and personal experiences to become a responsible, literate, self-reliant, and productive citizen.

The staff at Dickinson West Elementary needed an affordable LED Message Center solution. They were looking to be able to update parents and staff about any upcoming events. They wanted all the features of those expensive LED Message Center but they were on a budget. The staff at SIGN-A-RAMA Troy helped them find the right sign for them. We then installed it on to their brick building and built a custom aluminum enclosure to help protect it from the elements and keep it looking great for years to come! We then moved inside to network the sign to their existing computer network and to train the school staff on the sign software.

SIGN-A-RAMA Troy sells and services LED Message Centers of all sizes and colors. Please contact the staff at SIGNARAMA Troy if you are looking at or thinking about purchasing a LED Message Center. Don’t worry, our Detroit LED experts will be more than happy to help guide you and make sense of this sometimes complicated sign project. We know this is a big investment and will take care of you every step of the way.

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